Monday, December 19, 2011

Closer I am to fine....

My current work schedule has me away from the studio and working my other job.
It happens every year about this time. 
I am simply needed far more at my other job and I don't mind.
Except this year I prepared for it.

Artistically speaking 
It meant I worked like crazy for three months and submitted work to as many places as I could.
I was writing checks like a drunk sailor
...well if sailors carried checkbooks and wrote checks is still to be debated...
but I went crazy!

I submitted to more places and events then I ever have, 
and kept saying yes to everything that passed close enough to me to grab a chance at.
The result is AMAZING!!!

I have gotten my work into many more places, and in fact my call to the universe was heard (thank goodness) and I got into a show that had over 200 submissions and only 37 accepted artists. The piece I got into this exhibition is a piece from my infertility project !
In fact when the email arrived, I saw the subject line on my phone and refused to read the email until I was behind an actual computer....this of course made hubby laugh at my "rituals" and waited for me to read the actual email on the screen. The result was me laughing hysterically for close to 15minutes at my met goal.
He in turn was crying from pure joy of witnessing me meet this goal and the result of meeting this goal is that we are traveling to see the opening reception.
It just happens to be in IRELAND


robin said...

wowowowowow!!!! Congratulations that is amazing!!!!

Kim said...

Hooooooray! :o)

Nicole said...


I am so happy for you. I am so glad to hear your art is going very well AND you are going to Ireland. Hooray! It is so wonderful when hard work pays off.

xoxo. Enjoy this success!

Mali said...

Oh bravo!! That's fantastic news. You're inspiring me to try harder too.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a bit late to this (apologies, I think my earlier comment was lost in the ether somewhere) - but congratulations! it's always wonderful to have a cry to the universe answered, even more so when it's the result of your own hard work.
I really hope you enjoy Ireland. Feel free to contact me for 'local knowledge'.