Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that I am staying away from the TV lately.
Like in an almost cold turkey sort of way

It has been beneficial as of late seeing that the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket.

I don't know the details of the latest trial, the newest outfit that is walking down Rodeo drive, where Paris H is and do I feel like I am missing something? Nope
To be honest, I have turned off the TV since last weeks "fight" with hubby.
We had a falling out;  we don't do that...we have been together just about 19yrs and I can count on ONE hand the amount of times we have raised our voices to each other.
So they tend to be day that are remembered.
This last one, was brought on by bad timing and poor communication.
Hubby was entrenched in a video game and I had plans for him to answer my booty call!
problem is, he didn't
and then made a statement that turned it back onto me making it look like it was my fault.
Neither of us slept...nor spoke
This poured into the next morning and we had it out!
We are all fine now...a little shaken still but back on the same page again

He was mad that the TV is on all the time and he doesn't want to sit and watch TV.
When I told him that 99% of the time I have it turned on is because, it will allow me to sit in the same room as him while he is typing away at a video game and not talking to me.
It is my company keeper when he is not vocal.
Needless to say, we have made some changes.

I have only watched one show since last Thursday. Really.

Now he and I have read together after work or sat outside and enjoyed the evening air.
We don't need to talk the whole time, but we are spending better time together.
This is what I am really thankful for.
Happy Thankful Thursday


Nicole said...

Its really sweet y'all have only had a handful of fights...Ross and I have had more than I can count. But, I had some post-hysterectomy rage that made me be an argumentative lady.

Its interesting how communication can fail and fights ensue. But, I am glad to hear y'all were able to work it out. That's always the best.

TV can really weasle its way in there. Because, I agree, you turn it on when you feel you don't have any attention. It was a problem my ex and I had, but like many other issues, we couldn't overcome it.

Ross and I actually don't have cable, only netflix. So, it really pushes us to sit and decide what to do each evening, whether it is something together, or just in the same room, or totally separate endeavors. It really can make a huge difference, just turning off the TV.

Congrats on the change and I hope it continues to bring you and your relationship positive changes!

The Barreness said...

Thank you for the kind words Nicole.
It has made a huge difference so far and I have no plans to change it anytime soon. I think we soon might be overpaying for TV service : )