Saturday, June 25, 2011

It is all in a name

Around a table last night while enjoying food and conversation
 the topic of naming body parts came up.
I think my cupcakes really started the conversation... (they were a hit)

The men were talking about how they had named their girlfriends/wives/partners boobies...
and the names began.
Apparently hubby doesn't have a name for my boobies, I simply refer to them as "the girls"
The one that received the most laughter was "Cheech and Chong"

Then the conversation went onto testicles and butts and then
someone said "maybe I should name my ovaries!"

I was still laughing about something else and then my wheels all slammed to a stop....
Name my ovaries...what would I call the troublemakers?!
I mean I am so completely connected to them and they are constantly ruling my behavior and choices that it seems funny I haven't thought of it before and given them names by now.
Plus, this is totally feeding my inner 6th grader, who loved talking crass and thinking up funny names for testicles.

I came up with a name for one and hubby came up with the name for the other:
Quasimodo and plain Jane


nicole said...

i have loved your last 2 posts. I can tell you are having a lot of fun lately :)

those cupcakes look awesome and are hilarious at all once! Quasimodo & Plain Jane - fabulous names.

i think i'd have to name mine after some astronauts because they are floating out there in space, all alone. No planet uterus in sight.

I love to hear about this inner 6th grader and i think its perfect. It nice that are finally hitting the "let me be me" shift.

I find myself hitting too. Laughing a lot more, having fun. Thinking about my wardrobe and what I like and what I want more/less of. Planning vacations. Not worrying about all my friends who are getting pregnant. Its nice.

Enjoy yourself :)


The Barreness said...

I think astronauts are perfect!
how about Valentina and Sally (first Russian and American into space)
Still at the helm but on an adventure none the less!

I am working harder at finding what is gonna make me happy, although there was a woman at the party last night who was super preggers...I simply ignored her, and let others fawn and coo over her belly.
I was busy thinking of new dirty jokes!
I am arm wrestling The Barreness and working on pulling some hair while I am at it. She is a bit of a bully

thank you so much for the kind words...I hope to keep you and me laughing.

CameronPoe2409 said...

First time I've commented. Over two years ago I got sick (thought it was an ulcer due to my father's cancer) but turned out to be two very large ovarian cysts from endometriosis (which I didn't realise I had, thought it was stress) Would like to call my ovaries Laurel and Hardy, both seem to be a bit of a joke at the moment. I'm nearly 40 and it sometimes is really hard to complement others when they are pregnant. In fact a couple of years ago, I cried hysterically when I found out a couple we knew where having a baby. my thoughts are with you xx

The Barreness said...

Thank you for commenting, I am touched that you chose me!
I think you have found perfect names in Laurel and Hardy.
I still find myself running for the hills when things get quiet, as I know a baby announcement is bound to show up somewhere. I cry still, I get mad still and I know a part of me always will...and I think that is ok too.
hugs right back to you!