Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pick me up

show card

I picked up my prints from the photo lab yesterday.
I had to flip thru the images, to make sure they looked as I had intended.

The first image on the stack is that of a baby stroller, on seeing this, the photo tech said:
 "oh how cute is that!"
this made me cringe a little inside.
As I continued to flip thru the images her conversation turned to how they are the lab that processes the pictures for the crime scene investigators.
 (I thought that was a more appropriate response to images of loss)
She went into gruesome details of what they have seen and processed left me feeling weak and sad. As I had gone there excited to finally see the work printed.

I left in search of a pick me up...
I stopped by my garden and watered the sad, confused summer veggies and picked a couple baseball bat sized squash.

Then I went back to work and continued dropping off gallery cards to local venues.
When I made my last stop and placed my cards on the podium with the others,
the gallery sitter looked at me and said "I've seen this"
She was excited and frankly it was a great pat on the back!
all that postage and emailing was not in vain

She started telling me about her losses and what people said to her.
The good the bad and the simply mean.
Then she looked at me and said:
 "This is really important and it is a wonderful thing"

I didn't cry until I got back to the car.

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Mummy in Waiting said...

Wow, I have just been reading through some of your posts and I think your style of writing is amazing. I felt like some of your posts were speaking to me and I had a few tears at times. I wanted to wish you all the best for your show. It sounds like you will be touching alot of people's hearts and I can't wait to hear how it goes. I look forward to following you! xox