Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All Quiet Tonight...

marquee wall

I spent the day hanging the show in the gallery....totally absorbed and distracted from the emotion.
It was a blessing, as now I am simply tired and numb...
like I need a long soak in the tub but it will never be hot enough, sweet enough or long enough.

I was assisted by a dear new friend whose husband has terminal cancer, she knew this show was emotional for me, but insisted on helping anyways...her heart monitor beeping every now and then.
It served as a reminder for me to simply breathe and be present.
She told me after it was all up that it was a lovely show.

It went quickly, like a wedding after months of preparations.
The I was simply left in the gallery with my work, still cloaked in the plastic covers to protect the plexi from smudges and dirt.
Another new friend arrived and helped me lay the letters on the marquee wall
that is when it seemed so much more real.

Now instead of having this in a safe cloistered place, I have neatly framed, hung and lit the moment.
I have displayed it in a room for people to look at and possibly judge, but what I really hope is that I might have also helped someone understand what it means to be infertile.
How it has ruined the party, left a stain on the floor and dented the car.
All evidence that it is there and you can now see it.
Ask questions if you want, I will only give you the truth.

I wanted to make more comments on IComIleave week, so sorry ladies


Mummy in Waiting said...

I would love to see photo's from your exhibition! I want to wish you luck for tomorrow night and it was beautiful to read how heartfelt it has been for you and your parents and husbands reactions. I bet they are so proud it hurts!

the Barreness said...

thank you....I will be posting a gallery of the images on line in the next week or so. This has been an amazing journey.