Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Day Three

Midnight Monday we were awoken by reverse 911 calls telling us to flee immediately- do not delay, so we fled with the cats and the clothes on our backs and laptops.

We are the green dot
the yellow is the burn area
the red and orange lines are the evacuation areas.
Sadly as I write this...those lines are being filled in with burn areas
and as of right now, our home is still standing.
but the fire captain just said 
" we are looking at winds where there will be no ability to fight fires"
So tonight we are sleeping together in a room in my MIL home while she is out of town
We will see if our home still stands in the morning, 
after a third wave of blazing out of control wildfires and winds of 70+miles per hour.

We have recovered from the initial shock, we are simply numb and keep saying
it is going to be what it is.
We have zero control of this and that is fine.
We have to be


Infertile Phoenix said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am so sorry. How scary. And so many other emotions. I'm glad you have each other and were able to grab your cats and laptops. I will be thinking of you!

Mali said...

How awful! I'm so so sorry. I'm glad you are safe though. Sending hugs across the Pacific.