Wednesday, August 29, 2012


No wordless Wednesday here:
I'm feeling stepped out comes my soapbox
I went to get a salad for lunch and in the15 minutes it took in my car I heard enough discussion on the current debate of women's health issues that I stormed into my work with lunch in hand and declared:
"I am really concerned about the quality of life women will be facing"
I work with ALL MEN and the first thing that was said in response to me stepping onto my soap box was " I don't understand why these politicians are even involved in women's health issues"
ahh I am glad I work with some progressive men
OK so I am starting to get concerned...more then normal, maybe I am feeding into the chaos...but from what I am hearing and witnessing...things are going apeshit crazy!
This is the spark that has started my fire and desire to speak up:
The recent comments from Todd Akin, and the AMAZING open letter from the multifaceted and talented Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologues creator)
I spent over an hour listening to the RNC last night via NPR news.
I was driving home and it was quiet and I had undistracted time and although the evening events lasted longer then an hour...that is what I had.
NPR had no commentary, just the ability to listen, and I wanted to hear what was being said.
I try and be as educated as possible when I go to vote, I have only missed voting once since registering and that was 20 years ago.
I want to hear both sides, and understand the points of views...
Not a lot of specifics were talked about last night in the hour I listened
...but what was said left me unsettled and scared.
I will continue to listen and watch, but I can say so far, no good.
I am a BARREN WOMAN and I feel like my vagina and uterus is up for discussion, casual conversation and that options about how I choose to live with it are not secure.
I came home to see this wonderful post by Pamela, and felt the same way, I am not being addressed.
When I spoke with The Barren last night when, I said to him, I am feeling like I am on shaky ground.
"I am warning you now; I might start hauling around a bullhorn and soapbox to declare how I am not happy. I am not going to tell others what to do, but I am going to tell political persons what they are doing to me is not OK".
He said: " good deal" and smiled
Uterine power activate, form of strong and vocal woman



Wolfers said...

I am Woman.. Hear me Roar! :)

I agree with you, with what I have been hearing for last three years, especially this year, I'm concerned too, even thro I don't have an uterus anymore. Nevertheless, if not for me, then for my nieces, my cousins, my sisters-in-law, my aunts, any girls I end up adopting (either emotionally or legally), we need to speak up.

Mali said...

You know, even though none of this conversation about women, our roles, access to contraception and abortion, rape, etc, is going on here in NZ (well, virtually none of it) at the moment, I too feel angry and under siege. I've even been watching the first series of Madmen on DVD, and can't bring myself to finish it, I get so angry at the attitudes towards women. (I know it was in the 1960s, but I get angry because it doesn't seem to have changed at all). So I can understand you feeling the way you are.

And yes - I loved Pamela's post (I shared it on Facebook), and the open letter (it made me want to cry).

Nicole said...

I am totally with you on this one. I don't get what the deal is here. Why have white men decided that they (again) know what is best for women and women's reproductive and health rights? UGH. SO infuriating. Soapbox away! I think there will be many of us out there ranting and yelling for the next 2 months.