Sunday, May 20, 2012


I am actually at home all weekend, and working on some new work; while fielding calls from Mom and Dad asking medicine questions.
This is good, because not only are things getting a little better there, I also got pancakes yesterday!
Hubby makes a mean pancake and I am only to happy to be part of the taste testing as he explores new recipes. He loves my I am happy to fill it with pancakes!

Sunday for some reason is one of most favorite days...I don't really know why, as the looming following day of work is one that makes the day seem its casualness is often interrupted with chores and crap like that....but I really love the sleepiness of Sunday.

One of my many favorite things to do is make tents for the cats.
Yes, I am that woman


Mali said...

Aw, your happy kitty looks adorable. (Reminds me of my dear departed Cleo). Yes, Sundays are lovely. I'm glad you enjoyed yours so much.

LaLa said...

Such a cute kitty!

I love Sundays - it is our lazy, putter around the house day and most of the time I'm in my pajamas all day.

Sounds like you had a reasonably nice day, hope so, anyway!

Wolfers said...

I too like Sundays- a day to relax, focus on oneself, away from the world... I don't have cats, but I
have two dogs in which I get to cuddle with while watching a DVD or two.

Hope you have many Sundays like this! :)

Nicole said...

I love the cat tents!!! So cute. And glad you got some lovely pancakes and a weekend at home. glad to hear that your life is going back to some normalcy :)