Friday, October 28, 2011


I awoke in a bright mood, yesterday was another story...but today I feel less heavy in the heart.
At least for the moment
I have asked hubby to join me at the ocean tonight...for some reason it feels like the right place to be, to say hello to the lost little ones.

Yesterday I was overwhelmed with emotion, I am not really sure what was the trigger, or why it felt so much like balancing an overfilled cup of tea...ripples running across the surface, threatening to spill at any moment.

The most heartbreaking moment yesterday happened in plain sight, and touched a deep place in me.
I watched my nephew fight against fear yesterday, as he described to his father the contents of a box of Halloween decor that he said was "super scary". The threat of that box being opened again was terrifying to him and witnessing him work thru these new and uncomfortable moments had me struggling to keep the tears within my lids.

When he was born, we had been struggling for years and I had just been given the "you are not going to get pregnant, we suggest you have a hysterectomy" speech again.
In my mind, I was convinced that my little boy had simply been delivered to my brother instead of me.
I had not been clear in my call to the universe, it seemed.
As heartbreaking as it was/is , I am thankful that I get to watch him grow and be whomever he becomes.

Tonight we are together as we were two years ago, except that tonight, I will not be in shock from loss. I hope to be wrapped around hubby, feeling how warm and full our love still is despite all that life seems to throw or drag us thru.

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Nicole said...

hugs to you.

i hope you and your hubby had a good weekend full of comfort and love. it sounds like the two of you have such a loving, caring relationship.

i am sorry for your recent sadness. you are a strong lady for all you've been through.