Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not helping....

My hubby has a hard time with adoption, not adopted people, but the process...or the proce$$
He says that after all we have been thru that the idea of pinning our hopes on another long and unknown ending is a hard pill to swallow.
This broke in today's doesn't help him or us
 just adds sadness to an already heartbreaking reality


CameronPoe2409 said...

Its truly heartbreaking,there aren't any words to say how truly f**ked up the world can be. Children treated as a commodity, its just unbelievable how crap our world can be at times. xx

Mali said...

The processes around ttc, then infertility and then adoption are more than anyone should have to bear. And people say "just" adopt. Huh! If only they knew.

Nicole said...

as you know from my complaining in my own blog, we get lots of of the "Just adopt" comments. But people don't realize that it can be a painstakingly long, expensive process. I am tired of hearing stories of people who adopted successfully - because the person telling the stories implies it was "so" easy. Adoption, especially for people who have no children and have already been through a lot with infertility is not just a simple flip of the switch. Its hard to convey that. People seem to think I'll change my mind on it and suddenly take interest in it.

This video broke my heart. What a sad story.