Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my man.

We often ask each other in moments of self doubt and insecurity:
What do you love about me?
When the world beats you up and and then you have to drag your ass home and still be human it helps sometimes to know that you are still worth while to someone.

Well my sweet wonderful man asked this question of me recently and I told him this...
I love that you wait as you turn the compost, so the scrub jays can eat the worms and bugs.

I watched him for half an hour last weekend, carefully turn and shovel the compost two very eager and trusting birds swoop down, pick thru the freshly upturned soil and then perch on the wall as hubby turned the soil again to reveal more earthly treats.

I am thankful for that man of mine.


Anonymous said...

what a sweet man! That is definitely the sign of a good one!

here via ICLW

St Elsewhere said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! Your hubby is amazing.

iclw #36

Nicole said...

What sweetness :) sounds like a wonderful man. so happy someone lovely like that to share your days with.

Casey said...

This is indeed a wonderful post. I shall have to join in with a Thankful Thursday at some point. I'm here from my second ICLW.

ICLW hugs and best wishes to you,