Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's in a name

I have found myself in a loop, a loop like a skipping record.
I am hearing names and remembering all the names I had picked out for children.

It seems to be overwhelming as of late; where conversations I am engaged in mention a person or friend or family member by name and it triggers an instant image of a list of names I had written.

Beautiful wonderful strings of names that, have deep meaning and symbolism to us.
Names that would surely accompany our wonderful children thru life, inspire them to help others, remember where they came from and strive to make things better for those that will follow.
Names that have been collected, researched and gathered since I was a child.
Names that have been in the family for generations, names of lost friends and beloved members of the family, names that carry spiritual meaning
Sacred names, secret names, musical names

All those names seem to be cast off into the wind, I can see them floating in front of me in the breeze.
Dancing and bobbing in the clear air
slowly moving farther and farther away from me


Kira said...

I don't have any great wit or wisdom. But I do have an internet hug. *HUG*

Nicole said...

hugs. these are the things that sneak up on us. That we never thought would bother us one day.

stink-bomb said...

i can relate to this - though i've only ever had one name picked out [despite having lots of miscarriages i've never named any of them - mainly for my sanity] and every now and then i will realise that we will never have a child of own to name - it catches in my throat and hurts in my chest.

big hugs