Thursday, October 07, 2010

Thick of it

I went and sat at the gallery today for a couple hours. In that time three people wandered in to see the show.
Two were college students and one a painter.
The college students wandered in, as the local photography teacher made an assignment of my show (kind of neat) and in doing so has gotten many of his students to the gallery. Both asked me questions, about the work and its meaning. I think they felt a little disconnected from the subject, and after asking questions, felt a better sense of what was going on. Both left kind comments in the guest book about how it helped them think differently.
The painter was moved to tears, she sobbed and said "you really convey loss", she told me she wanted to share something with me, but struggled to get words out....she finally let them tumble out of her
 " I lost my husband less then 6 months ago.
I am a painter and I have a show coming up and I am not sure I can get a show together"

She allowed me to hug her and offer condolences. I was broken hearted for her as well.
She asked how long it took to put this show together and we talked shop about making and gathering work.
She left after sharing many more personal stories with me and crying some more.

I was thankful that she trusted me enough to share her loss and thoughts, and hopefully I showed her that you can still create in the sea that loss creates.

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La Belette Rouge said...

It is amazing how when we really risk and make ourselves vulnerable that our honesty allows others to be honest and vulnerable too. What a lovely affirmation of your important work. I am sure this woman is so very grateful for you sharing your profoundly personal work with her.
Very touching.
I cannot wait to see your show!!!