Thursday, November 10, 2016

sucker punched

It feels as though I was sucker punched.
Walked into an alley and beat up with no knowledge or reason

I did not vote for that man
I do not support his agenda (as vague as it is)
I do not tolerate hate, xenophobia, or misogyny
I do not think fear is the way to motivate people

I want to be clear
this is NOT who I am, 
nor does this man and his clan of huntsmen 
represent anything I stand for.

He is not what so many of my immigrant forefamily
came seeking in America.

I am ashamed and embarrassed
not only in this but myself for not seeing 
just how racist and sexist this country really is!

I am a dreamer and believer 
and it just walked right past my sparkling dreamer eyes 

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