Monday, May 14, 2012

Mental health time

So my mind is pretty cooked, I am sure that comes as no surprise to most of you.
(the fact that I can say that is still amazing to me,
I have people that actually read this blog
and write lovely little notes to me )
Anyhoo, it might be another week before I can really put words together in a way that makes sense*.
I am currently re-charging my laughter cells, and heart with a book a dear wonderful friend sent me:

book info

I literally can only read for moments before I am laughing so hard tears are rolling down my cheeks
I am so thankful for that

This weekend, I spent my first two days away from mom
(well, except for calling at medicine taking times to make sure dad was on top of things)
I read, napped
and hung out with hubby.

I totally had nothing in me when Sunday came around....I came to peace with this
as I was soaking in the tub Saturday night.
I looked up at hubby; who was keeping me company
 so I don't fall asleep and drown
and I said
" I don't think I have anything left to give to mom right now...I gonna have to call her instead"

He said: "well you did just mostly kind of spend the last month keeping her alive, I think she'll understand"

She seemed to; she called me last night to tell me that she went to the Farmers Market and met with some friends and then came home and fell asleep for four hours.
Today she meets with the doctor who last did his exam on her while she was out cold...she snored thru the whole exam. I think he'll be happy with her progress.

A toast to antibiotics!

*see I am a little loopy still, I'll me more normalish soon

***p.s. I just got a call from my mother, telling me she has decided to stop taking some of her medications.
She is fine.
It might be a little longer then a week....


Nicole said...

oh my dear lady. It does sound like you have more challenges ahead. I am glad you've found a book that's making you laugh in the midst of all this. You have done so much for your mom. Keep making time for yourself in the midst of all this.

Thinking of you and hoping your mom keeps improving and keeps taking her meds.

Mali said...

Exactly what Nicole said.

And sometimes I think it is even harder dealing with a parent or someone else being sick, than when we're going through it ourselves, as we have the whole guilt thing to deal with too. (Are we doing enough? etc etc)

LaLa said...

Thanks for the book recommendation - I could use a little more laughter in my life.

I know a tiny bit about how hard a task it is to care for a sick parent. I hope you get enough time to recharge your batteries and that your mom is on the road to recovery. Take care!