Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I don't have a lot to say....
I sent my first of what I hope to be many proposals out to a new gallery.
I am trying in my most professional way to convince other galleries that they should host my next show.
Here is what I am telling them:
I have created a series of highly personal images focused on my infertility, these images are intimate and reticent; I have explored what it means to be infertile in a child-centric world. Infertility has colored my thoughts, outlook and perception of the world around me. The inspiration for the show was not only the discovery of my own infertility, but the silence surrounding it. The theme is one that is relatable to a growing population and thought provoking for those affected by it either personally or through relationships.
It is a hard sell, "hey everyone come into a gallery filled with heartache and pain."
But when I get discouraged I remember that someone out there is not understanding how painful it is to live daily like this. I know it does something to a viewer, something quiet but pure.... after viewing my show many people told me that they saw things differently now.
That is what I am hoping to do, change the world.

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Kitty said...

This: "I know it does something to a viewer, something quiet but pure" hits the nail exactly on the head. I didn't know what to say after seeing your show, but I know more people need to see it. Somehow you've turned the nebulous, often unexplainable feelings related to infertility and loss into something visible and tangible. That's amazing to me.

Good luck!