Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It is all in my head

I have had a headache since August 21st or so.
For those of you keeping track that is 6 weeks of daily headaches.

Some are mild and I can ignore them most of the day, like a low buzz in the back of my head; but others are like a waterfall of pain and pulsing and pounding sensations.

Most of the time I am dealing with a general ache, that punctuates itself from time to time with blinding pain.

Current state of headache: dull ache, throbbing temples, discomfort moving my eyes and to light and pony tail head...I am a little nauseous and am working hard at keeping things in focus.
I see the doctor today, she was hoping it was a sinus headache and that the antihistamines and steroid spray would have me blowing gobs of green stuff out of my nose.

I made the mistake of reading about brain aneurysm, the signs and symptoms. Aside from now being scared ,I am afraid of what medical test I will be subjected to next.

All of this makes me feel so much more broken.

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