Thursday, October 18, 2007


I saw the neurologist yesterday who told me that my eight plus weeks of headaches are most likely a combination of migraines and stress headaches interweaving!
I am having multiple headaches at the same time...
I wondered where all my drive went, apparently it went strait to my head!

He was calm and pretty much there to write a scrip and then leave, but my list of questions was long and I kept him in the room for as long as possible.

I mentioned that I was concerned about taking pain pills with my quarterly cramping...he asked questions about it.
I wonder now if they ask mostly out of curiosity or truly seeing if there would be a link.
I don't know still how my Barreness has anything to do with taking a migraine pill?

The pill use to be used in the 50's for depression....the house wives "happy pill" is what I can think of. I guess another use is for migraines, it is used widely in Europe for that.

So these little white pills are not only suppose to make my headaches go away but it should leave me happy in their wake!

Miracles of modern medicine.

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