Friday, April 28, 2017

Circling the sun

I awoke feeling happy
I got dressed and went to yoga
I had a lovely class and felt like a million bucks

I went to my parents place to enjoy our newest ritual
birthday cake for breakfast.
As long as they are around, I figured we should have cake together 
first thing in the morning 
and I can thank them in person for making me. 

This year my 3 year old niece was there, so she got cake for breakfast too.
Honestly, she just wanted the icing, so I gave her mine.

I had made the cake the night before, and tried something I'd never made.

My parents and I sat and chatted and we visited for a long while.
then I packed up, took a photo of the driveway; where my mother had made chalk circles
of number 1-47 and had them lead to the front door.
(another ritual they do every year for birthdays, some sort of chalk drawing. They even did it when I was employed near their home and all my coworkers had to drive past their work, and then proceeded to come and wish me a happy birthday)
I love her shadow!

I traveled home, picking up actual food along the way and ate a quiet brunch at home.
Then a little nap
a little more food and then The Barren came home and we sat and visited until bedtime.

A quiet birthday.

We had gone into the big city the weekend prior and I took in some art gazing.
I think we are planning to do a similar adventure this weekend too,
Sightseeing, art adventures, with snacks

I have been focusing on enjoying little visits with dear people in my life.
I have gotten great pleasure from that.
Like I can feel my body respond from the positive visits.
I am aiming to do that as often as I can.
that is my birthday wish for myself.


Mali said...

Happy birthday! I love that you have rituals with your parents, especially the chalk circles, and that you can still enjoy these with them.

Your birthday wish for yourself is simply beautiful, and a good reminder to all of us.

Mali said...

PS. Thanks for the link to the cake recipe! I hadn't heard of a hummingbird cake, though I love the name, and it sounds good too. I made a cake yesterday for my father-in-laws birthday, but it was just a chocolate layer cake, so not terribly exciting - though it was good.