Sunday, February 12, 2017

Putting feet where my heart is

I have become an voice in the fight
I am making choices everyday to speak up, regardless of my fears.
I am actively choosing to attend marches and sign petitions and make calls.
I was quite overwhelmed for a couple weeks, 
slipping into the door of depression for a time and again.
I felt the weight of my white privilege and 
the responsibly to make sure others acknowledged theirs.
I felt angry and heartbroken at family that said they loved me and the world around them,
 but then stood in support of Lord Marmalade and his racist, sexist and xenophobic choices.

I have made the choice to be a voice, 
I am fighting the BIG fight, looking at the BIG picture.
I am thinking about the generations after me, 
I am trying to secure the rights and safety.

I am learning and growing.

I find being infertile in this struggle has given me a unique voice
in this conversation. 
For that I am thankful.