Monday, December 26, 2016

I threw up Hanukkah

Homemade jelly filled donuts

I've been off of sorts since the election.
I am not going to get political today...
but I have been overwhelmed with emotions and feelings and anger at times.
Yoga has been a saving grace for me...and the classes have been packed since the election,
I am not alone in trying to find some solace of mental health.
I am eating clean and so when Hanukkah came around this year I offered to make dinner here for my parents and The Barren offered to make dessert.
We had a lovely visit and watched my parents act like bickering siblings...over food, and facts and whatever else came along.
I made latkes and we had veggies and some meat (well The Barren and my father did)
then dessert!
I am not a donuts person, and so when they were made I offered to be the jelly filler 
and powder sugar cover-er. 
Important roles and one I enjoyed a lot!
I sat down and ate two! they were yummy and my lips were coated in white!
It was great and the sugar surged through me and I was moving faster and faster and we chatted some more and then my parents called it a night and headed home.
I sat on the couch while the dishwasher ran the first load of dishes and fell asleep.
When I woke up with a start a half and hour later...I ran to the bathroom and threw up Hanukkah.
Too much...
oil, sugar and too much

It was a vast reminder that I have eaten really clean for a long time 
and fried food is not something I can really deal with....anymore.
I gotta figure out a new latke recipe that I can bake or adjust 

Now that Christmas has past, 
ideally those crazy tear jerking commercials will fade away for another year.
I don't have to think about how many baby photos will come in the mail and how many family pics will fill our mantle.
I greeted each one this year with a smile and took in all the joy conveyed in the images...
but knew something was different at our place.
And as I brainstorm about what kind of new years card we will send out...I often find myself thinking
" what will show them that we are really happy, even without kids"
I know it is messed up, and a bit like a keeping up with the Jones' kind of thing.
But it is true....

I don't want to throw up any more celebration
I just want to keep it real

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nicole said...

Those look amazing!! But, I also know that feeling of "Oh, this looks so delicious and someone took the care to make it....and so of course I'll enjoy it..." and then misery hits because it is too heavy/too far away from the healthy eating that makes me feel good. I am so sorry you got sick! Life lessons learned the hard way are my least favorite. Glad to hear you overall survived the holidays. :D