Sunday, March 06, 2016


I am not sure if I had anything to do with it....
but The Earl mentioned that my niece and nephew 
will most likely be getting the Gardasil vaccine.

I feel like I've survived through the battle of logic.
I would like to think, that all the information that I passed along to him from 
SOOOOOO many sources was of help.

I don't need credit for it...
Honestly...all that really matters is that
 my dear nieces and nephew are going to be protected.
I can sleep better with that knowledge.

Thank you for your kind words and help....
I knew I could count on you sisters!


Mali said...

Woo hoo! That's great news. I'm glad your brother-in-law and his wife were open to good, logical arguments. Good for you.

nicole said...

I cannot even state how happy this makes me! SO important. Glad logic one in the end :)