Monday, February 02, 2015

Fun Time-Dork Time

OK I had a super fun time and I have tons to say about it but I had to tell you how I was a dork first:
I was talking to a vendor at the Book event and was trying to get a business card....
but there were lots of people crowding the area around the I said:
"I am sorry but I can't get a card because all the cool kids are here"
he went to get a card and a woman said:
Oh I'm sorry and motioned to move her daughter....
when I looked up I was eye to eye with THIS BLONDE PERSON

I looked at her and said " oh it's OK, I've got a card now"

I walked away as cool as I could and barely made it to The Barren with out a smile on my face.
because you see I was trying to be the cool kid

but giggled


Amel said...

HEHEHEHEHEHEHHHH...what a moment it was! :-D I have never met any celebrity, but I reckon I'll be so awkward and speechless if I ever meet those that I like he he...

nicole said...

Awesome!! That's very fun!! I would have been excited too. And not sure if I would have stayed composed to speak :)