Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Growling at the bears

My littlest niece is growling at the bears, 
fearless and unaware of anything except that she knows the sound that bears can make. 
I will be taking my ques from her as the year begins.

I had my blood taken again to see if the eating shifts and all have made an impact on my numbers.
Keeping me well away from medications and allowing me to be in control.
Sadly, no movement in the numbers.
only a handwritten note from my doctor:
" keep up the diet and exercise"

So I binged on three days that week....I ate food I would normally not.
I ate a piece of a butter ring on Christmas day.

I ate a some pizza after christmas:

 We made latkes and hosted a party for our nieces and nephews, 
so I has a few of those and had to have sour cream on them:

I was also introduced to Kahlua and cream/White russian

When the three days were up, I felt like lead...heavy and tired and oily.
I was only able to practice once the week of xmas and that made me feel bloated too.
As I walked to class yesterday, I wondered how my relationship with food had changed.
How it had changed with my own vision or reflection of my body...

In reflection, all the foods I binged on gave me only a moment of pleasure, and that mostly came from the feeling that I was "getting away" with something....like I was sneaking a treat in, but it never felt like a treat....it felt more like defeat.

I decided that I had crossed a bridge of sorts, the guilt from eating these foods had me frantically researching how to "detox", how to loose weight, 
how to do better, be better be perfect do perfect....
I caught myself spiraling and then I stopped.
Did I have a disorder with food? Did I see food as a reward, 
and a way to get back at myself or others? 
I got scared and living in the state I do, vanity and body image are distorted all around me...
it is a daily fight to make decisions that embrace who I am, and what I look like.
No plastic surgery, no tanning, no botox and no starving please.

Finally after seeing where all these destructive roads could lead I said out loud:
 I will eat the cleanest I can, I will keep up with my practice: because it makes me feel good. 
end of story. 
Selfish? Yes
Self preservation? Yes

I am no skinny Minnie, but I am stronger than I have ever been.
As much as I would like to make a voodoo doll of my doctor, I understand now, that her prompting brought me enough fear of death that I returned to a way of living that makes me feel better.
Food is not a comfort, not anymore.
I need to find comfort in my own strength, weaknesses, loves and fears.
I need to find what my littlest niece already knows about the world around her.

I will be stronger than I think I am,
 I will be happier than I think I can be
and my body will carry me for many more years.

I have shared this with no one, and now I share it here.
This is the start and the current of my body.

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Amel said...

I've started to try living more healthily myself, propelled by fear. Seeing my MIL in a lot of pain and her being overweight in an older age means that it's getting much harder for her to lose any weight.

Loving your before-and-after-photo comparison. GO, GO, GOOOOO!!!!

I admit that in the past infertility made me feel angry and I punished my own body by eating a lot of junk food (though I still exercised regularly), but my weight kept on creeping up. It's time for a change! Thanks for inspiring me, too!