Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Remembered and Celebrated

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the amazing sunset
I did something different this year and asked the Barren to join me on the anniversary of our first loss
to have a moment of quiet or reflection...
to just take a moment of the day together
and think of the little person that never manifested into a breathing being.
He of course agreed, and we took a sunset drive and ended up having dinner in a neighboring city to get away from the house.
The sunset did not disappoint and with the warm wind and sea air it felt as though we were cleansed.
I had taken time earlier that day to sit and meditate, it helped a lot to center my emotions and sit them into a more blissful state...sorrow seemed to be wrong choice and when I started to cry I found I was laughing as well. It was amazing and radiant.
We spent time talking quietly and toasting the ones that could not be with us.
I drank too much to drive and spent the car ride home in a marshmallow of thoughts and giggles.
We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary (22 years together) two days later.
What a wild ride it has been with this amazing man.
When we woke up on our anniversary, I asked the Barren if it felt like 12years,
he said no, it just feels like it has always been like this.
We have always been together.


Mali said...

I love this - all of it. Especially the Barren's last comment - "it just feels like it has always been like this."

Amel said...

Ditto what Mali said...when I reached the end of the post, I felt a gush of warmth in my heart. What a lovely photo of sunset and the quote is spot on, too.

nicole said...

this is such a beautiful post! It sounds like a great way to have spent a difficult day. The idea of laughing and crying at once, toasting those who are not there with you... all so so important for healing. i too love the barren's comment.

you all are definitely my favorite couple i haven't yet met :)