Wednesday, July 16, 2014

National attention

the latest issue of Time Magazine set to hit the stands
This caught my eye yesterday and I wanted to post a couple things here to see if any of you had heard this too?! I was surprised and quite interested reading it myself.
Here is a response on Huffington post,
and here is a great video,

I LOVE how the newscaster starts with 
the Time editor who is also child-free and dismisses the writer speaking first because she has three kids.
It does bother me that they mention how much it costs to raise a kid, I am not sure why, maybe it feels dismissive about the choice...but that might be just me.


Amel said...

Interesting conversation. I like the fact that the mother is very open as well. I suppose it's kinda clear already that raising a child costs a lot of money so they don't feel the need to cover that? I think it also depends on where you live, though.

I mean here in Finland people can get benefits when they have children and for those with less income with children, they can get extra support. Plus education is basically free.

In Indonesia there's no benefits at all and the more kids you have, the crazier it gets these days because good and proper education costs A LOT on top of everything else.

Mali said...

I'd seen the article and the follow-up comments, but not the interview, which I quite liked, except for the woman complaining that people assume there was "something wrong with her." I understand her saying it, but I don't like it.