Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter has arrived...well kind of

I live in a place that is almost always the same temperature.
Some find this heavenly, most people from places that have to
shovel themselves out of their homes once a year
or baton down the hatches from wind.
We live in a homeostatic environment. ho hum mm....
I find it really hard to ever really feel like life is passing
 as there are no visual signs of time changing or moving....
sunny and mild, for the next 360days
This last weekend things changed!
We had a whole night of "rain" and then grey skies for half the day...
followed by the last two days of COLD
it has gotten to, ready....30 at night!
This all happened in the course of two days...
and it doesn't appear that it will rain again for a while...
so our draught continues.
These last few days feels like winter,
I was shivering the other night...
I woke up twice now looking for a light dusting of snow...on the foothills.
No dice yet
My mother suggested I spray our patio with water to maybe make a mini ice rink!
it didn't work...sigh
So I have to focus on other parts of life,
wishing for a season is not going so well.
Last week I went to the end of the year big art event.
It was just as amazing, in fact I am not sure I have totally processed
all of what happened and how far I have come in this last year.

My work sold in the first hour!
There were TV people there
I wore a cool retro dress
My hair looked controlled
I was present in conversations
It was packed and people said kind things about my work
I met new artists, and talked about the struggle to make art daily
It was a strange and reassuring time as an artist
I felt relevant

After the exhibit closed its doors, I walked with The Barren in the cold night to dinner.
We found a tavern that was not full, and waited for our table
When it was time to go to our table I took three steps and placed my foot in just the right way
as to land on my arse in the middle of a busy dining room!
Purse behind me, dress displayed like I was seated for a picnic, legs folded side saddle.
Mortified, I took an assessment of myself and got up...brushed myself off and went to our table.
The Barren got me a glass of wine, assured me that it was all fine and we had dinner.
I took tip toed steps past my point of impact when I needed to venture to the toilet..
the adults at the tables concealed their snickers mostly...

Yoga the next morning made all the aches and pains go away.

As "winter" settles in I feel less like hibernating and more like bursting out of my cocoon!
Like a confused flower bulb

I am not afraid to fall, I know I can get up again
I am bubbling with ideas
I am ready to greet this new year!
Winter is not frozen in me; it is alive and cool and vibrant!
I am currently composing my goals list of next year...


Jen said...

Felt like I was present with you at the exhibit (congrats!!!) and on the dining room floor as you picked yourself up and carried on. Lovely!

Great time for a goals list...

Amel said...

CONGRATULATIONSSSSSS on having your work sold within an hour! WOW!!! What an achievement!

Sorry to hear about the fall, but you picked yourself up gracefully and glad to know the pain has gone away.

LOVE the spirit you exhibit in this post...so much energy and creativity and I can imagine full colours all around you (instead of the sombre winter colours)! :-) ALL THE BEST for the next year! :-)