Friday, November 15, 2013

Away I go

Salutation Saturday
One year ago today I had my surgery.
I know a lot of people on the internets are doing a month of gratitude.
I think it is great and if a call for bloggers or facebookers to write every day what you are
grateful for makes the world a more grateful one...then whooo ha!
I think I do a lot of reflection daily on things I am happy about, grateful for and looking to evolve.
So this is a little different.
In reflection of this last year:
I am glad I listened to my Primary care doc and got a second opinion
I am happy I found my cowgirl surgeon
I am happy that they developed the CA125 test
I am glad the Japanese researchers published their findings about chocolate cysts
I am thankful that she sat down and gave it to me strait
I feel badly that she had to eat crow when she was
convinced that this might "fix our fertility problems" 
I am glad that it rained that morning
I am grateful beyond words that my Barren was beside me
until the moment they took me into the OR
I am beyond thankful that my oldest friend dropped everything to be here to hold my hand.
I am so happy that my surgeon was skilled and saved my tubes and ovary for me
I am without words happy that she caught it before it became cancer
I am grateful that my body was able to heal well and return to being mine
I am thankful that a year later I am sitting here
Lighter, Happier and healthier then last
I am manifesting my new destiny
I am focusing on my desires for this life,
I am so thankful for what I am building
I am making art
I am meditating
I am happier
I have said goodbye to my guilt
It is such a relief, such a massive relief


Amel said...

I am thankful for this post...what a lovely post...:-)

Wolfers said...

Beautiful post. :) I'm doing the thanks on Facebook as well. :)