Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Ch Ch Changes

So remember way back in June I mentioned I got my blood tested and it triggered concern from my doctor about my cholesterol levels?
 I was all pissed and mad and ended up starting this yoga-addiction I am currently in?
I also:
stopped eating cheese
 stopped eating bread
stopped eating whole eggs
(eating only whites sometimes)
stopped eating ice cream
  stopped having the occasional drink
I started taking a vitamin daily and extra Vitamin D
I started to exercise 3-4times a week
I started eating only vegan 5-6 days a week (I am human for goodness sake)
I restricted everything that went into my mouth/body
joke: How can you tell someone is vegan?
a: don't worry they'll tell you 
my answer was : they are grumpy and want an ice cream
Well, I went back to the doc this month, as an advocate for myself and to see if I could eat goat cheese again and if any of these extreme changes was doing any good.
I mean, if this evil self experiment was really making no difference
what the fuck is the point of being miserable?
(with the food restrictions, not the yoga)
It turns out I am making changes, but the levels could drop some more.
My doctor told me "with all these measures for three months, I might be fighting "the inevitable"
A family history of high levels."
"If I want to stay off medicine for correcting it, keep doing what I am doing and add an Omega-3 supplement."
and "BTW you have lost some real weight too...."
(well yeah, I can't eat anything fun anymore)
Can you tell I am a little bitter about this.

So here is where I turn lemons into lemonade:
I learned how to make "cheese" from nuts...well, cashew cheese.
I can now have a comfort "quesadilla"
I am learning to be that person who gets to live with a restricted diet,
I am choosing to accept it at this point.
I don't want to take medicine for cholesterol
Instead I get to take four big supplement pills with breakfast and my meals look like this:
Pistachio Mint Smoothie and a handful of almonds:
Local Pistachios, Fresh Mint Leaves, Banana, Agave
Nectar and Homemade Raw Sprouted Almond Mylk

My lunch box:
romaine, corn, lentil salad and homemade cashew cheese balls

dairy free/soy free yogurt, fresh berries and a vegan toaster waffle

my lemonade:

I got myself a
"congratulations on the three months strait of yoga girl,
those 4:30am wake-ups are a bitch "
dress from modcloth.
It is grey with little pink elephants in wine glasses all over it,
plus I am going to wear it to a wedding and
I had been drooling over for a long time, and even though
I didn't have the money for it,
I said FUCK I have had enough bullshit in my life to let that stop me.

SO The Barreness has taken control of my uterus, my family history has taken control of my food loves and now I am taking what I can back.
I am now a relectant vegan....ugh


Wolfers said...

Love love your dress!! Somewhat reminds me of retro dresses! :D

However, it sucks that you feel you have to do all this. :-/

I have similar health issues, and I'm pushing them aside, I admit. I don't have any aspirations to do so.

Amel said...'re AMAZING in having done all those changes AND you manage to turn lemons into lemonade as well...and I also love the dress. It looks GREAT on you!

Kitty said...

We'll I'm not envious of your new diet but I have to say, good for you avoiding medication and taking control for yourself! That dress is adorable and so are you! Enjoy the benefits even if you can't enjoy the process :)