Friday, October 12, 2012

The last 24hours

Warning: I bitch a lot in this post
I would like to warn you all, the shit is hitting the fan! Duck when you can, hold on tight if you must...but be warned this world of ours has shifted in a mean and wicked way.
My beloved Barren received a call from his dermatologist yesterday telling him that the two moles he had taken from his face last week were indeed skin cancer and that he needs to come back in to have more, as the Barren calls it : "drilled out". One spot was on his cheek and the other his eyebrow. He is holding it together for the most part but I am fighting my desire to suction cup myself to his side forever now. And I am getting a 100+ sunscreen for him.
The silver lining, is that it is still non invasive, so although it is still scary,
 it is not as scary as it can be.
My doctors office called again yesterday to ask me to book an appointment to speak with the specialist...just as I was meditating on focusing on the rest of my life for a little bit. It drove me over the edge and I finally called my oldest friend to tell her how terrified I was and that I still have over a week before I can see the doctor. She helped me come back from the edge of setting my hair on fire.
We got our property tax in the mail. I am not sure how I feel about it, our bill is less then years past, but our property is also worth half of what we got it at.  Need I say more.
Well there is one more thing, I was contacted by my city telling me I needed a business licence. News to me, as I was only doing small sales off etsy and that just required a resellers permit. I checked the city site multiple times and there is no classification for artist, and I don't rent a commercial space so I figured I didn't need a licence. Well the city decided I needed a licence. So after months of back and forth and asking for clarifications and whys and hows. I got the bill in the mail. Not only did the city charge me for the past four years I have had a sellers permit (I was expecting this) they flipping penalized me for not paying it for the the last four years too! my expected bill is DOUBLE.
I am exhausted and pissed and angry and scared and overwhelmed.
The glass of wine last night was wonderful but FUCK, enough already!


n said...

SO SO SO SO sorry lady. This is too much at once! Ross had a skin cancer on his face this past year too. It wasn't malignant, it was just a benign carcinoma, but still, it is frightening. I am sure he will be OK, but definitely watch his skin for other spots.

And your health stuff. Deep breaths. Time. Contemplation. Don't rush these decisions. Get lots of information and you will figure out what is best for you.

Sending tons of love and hugs your way. If l lived closer, we'd be going for tea or wine (or both) right now.

Nicole said...

hmm. it didn't let me finish entering my name. That last comment was me.

LaLa said...

UGH! I just don't get why bad stuff has to come in clusters... so very sorry you're getting hit with so much bad news!

The skin cancer thing - my dad had that. It seems that his years of playing golf hatless and with no sunblock caught up to him, so he lost quite a few pieces of himself... but never had anything that had developed so far as to have spread, and he really, really should have as many as he had removed! I do hope that the Barren's are small and easy, as most of the time they hardly even leave a scar.

And that business license thing just sucks. I would throw a fit over that darn penalty - they are being stupid!

I'll be thinking of you and your dear Barren and hope that things improve for you very, very soon.