Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yes...yes I did

Every once in a while I get curious what it is like to be a girlie girl.
So this year it has manifested as a $14 salad (still trying to calculate those costs)
 and the September issue of VOGUE
Yes I bought the magazine, as well as a handful of new make-up and have sat down for a good put your feet up and enjoy fantasy read.
all the fancy stuff in this salad fell to the bottom of the container

When my 10 year old goddaughter saw the copy of the magazine on the  coffee table, I looked at her and said, "The pictures are all fun to look at but nothing in this magazine is real; none of the women have pores...if you don't have pores you can't be real"
Hopefully, when she is ready to crack open her first "fashion" magazine she remembers that.


Mali said...

"If you don't have pores, you can't be real." OMG I love that!

LaLa said...

I read things like Cosmo and Vogue at my hair dresser's while getting my color refreshed. Every 6 weeks that I flip through and look at the shiny, expensive things all women are supposed to want and try to see if I feel anything other than mild amusement... and every time I am more saddened than lustful looking at the silly stuff we're supposed to want to be a "real" woman.
I like being a girl. I like a touch of makeup and nice (inexpensive, comfortable) clothes and shoes, but they aren't my passion by any means.
Still, it's a fun escape and sometimes the articles are fascinating in a "Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom" sort of way. ;)