Friday, June 22, 2012

Penis Problem

OK so as I was driving home from my annual mammogram today, and I thought, boy I need some serious levity.
(everyone get a mammogram)
I am super bumming out everyone, including myself.
I had a good cry this morning, and fell asleep WAY too early last night..poor Barren.
He is a little worried about me.
So I thought, what made me laugh recently, and I remembered the call from Mom asking me to
"come fix her penises"

My parents home borders a public walking path. It has chain link fencing and is maintained mostly by the homeowners that butt up to this path. The city forgot about many many years ago.
So my mother felt that it should be a public art gallery.
They also live across the street from an elementary school and so kids walk to and from school
via this path everyday.
My mom writes notes in chalk on the ground wishing them a happy first day of school
and summer vacation and stuff like that.
Adorable, I know.
She has also COVERED her side of the chain fencing with painted boards that she has asked others to decorate. My grandmother, myself, my father, my niece and get the idea.
Well recently, she thought it a great idea to leave extra white painted boards beside the fence to offer up the opportunity for other kids in the neighborhood to paint and she would hang them for all to see.
She goes out and checks the fence every few days, and finds a new piece from someone hung via zip ties and is simply over the moon about it.

a few little monsters have found this same oasis of adorable and started drawing penises on some of the artwork:

He doesn't look to bothered

this fish may never blow number bubbles again

poor purple dino/giraffe
So every once in a while I get a call from mom that asks me to come over with a box of paint and
"fix her penis problem"

Penises are funny, and little boy/girl versions of what penises can do
is always good for a laugh with me!


Stinky said...

thats hilarious. You know the true art of a badly-drawn cock is the path of the righteous?

LaLa said...

OMG! That is too funny!
My mother bought a house many years ago that was a foreclosure, and in the garage, someone had painted a 5 foot tall penis. I remember laughing the entire time I was painting it over about how much "artistic license" had been applied. :D

And your mom rocks. The artwalk is just wonderful.

Mali said...

Thanks for the laugh!

CameronPoe2409 said...

What a fab idea and I did have a chuckle at the 'artistically' placed penises. xx

Wolfers said...

I admit, at first, I was outraged- I like to paint, and never had liked it when folks could damage artwork! Took a moment to chill out, and look at the photos again. I did have a concern about what was drawn, but I did not want to spoil the mood here. so I'll stay quiet.

Nevertheless, your mom had a wonderful wonderful idea of having the artwalk, having the neighborhood participating in!

The Barreness said...

@ wolfers
We paint over what we find almost as soon as they most of the artists barely see what was done. We try to keep the trauma of the vandalism a minumum : )

Jamie said...

I am simultaneously amused and irritated! Thank you for the smiles. Happy ICLW!