Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reading in between the lines

*warning, I am going to talk about blowjobs and reading*
I am having a soapbox moment

I saw this today in the news and wondered if it really mattered:

*For the cliff notes version, she is a porn-star, and she read books to kids in Compton, California
as part of Read Across America.

So she read to first and third graders and now parents are complaining to the PTA.
How many other people volunteered to read to these kids? I know I didn't.
She is not a person who harms children, she is also an educated individual who believes in the power of words and felt it was important to participate in a reading program for children in one of the lesser funded areas of California.
Does it really matter what she does with consenting adults?
Does it matter if she is a present or past porn star...does that define her or should it limit her?
I just wondered, if the parents are willing to fist-to-cuffs about this; wouldn't it be better to redirect this same energy and fight for other things that would make their children's education better?
Like better wages for their teachers or better books for their kids.

To be read to is a gift, it expands your mind and allows you to see things differently...
I love being read to 
In many homes today, children are not being read to at all, but instead watching TV.
I think the real crime is the idea that no one would be reading to these kids;
that is a far bigger problem then if a lady who preforms blow jobs is reading to them.
Heck, don't most sexually active couples do that same thing anyway

that was my soapbox moment for the day.


Mali said...

Bravo! I totally agree that the real crime is that no-one would read to the kids. And it isn't as if the kids would know she is/was a porn star - or even what a porn star does. And at least what she does/has done is out in the open. The people the parents need to worry about are the ones (friends/family/coaches etc) who don't make their history public.

Kitty said...

I don't know why it always amazes me how closed-minded some people can be. I totally agree with you - someone was willing to invest some of her personal time in making a difference in someone else's children's lives/educations. Aren't there more important things to get pissed off about?? Ugh.

Stinky said...

yep great point, hats off to her for volunteering and completely agree with previous comments.

Had a convo with my mum in the last 2 weeks about teachers being transgendendered (I have a friend who has just qualified as teacher and is transgendered) - she was a bit horrified. I'm like 'doesn't it work better for tolerance if children are aware of it as a norm, in their everyday lives, from the start?' A bit different to porn star? but same kinda adult attitude an could be applied to gay/race/lifestyle choices (to a degree - obv not rapists or paedophiles!). Its the adults reaction not the kids, and god knows a bit more tolerance on this planet wouldn't be a bad thing.

nicoleciomek said...

I am so with you on this one. Who cares what her former profession was. She is wanting to help children who need help. That is the best thing my ears can ever hear.

My mom is an elementary school teacher in low-income area of Georgia. She is constantly frustrated by the fact that many parents of her children are not reading to their kids or helping them w/their homework, etc. It is not getting that support and help and guidance that really hurts children. I think anyone who volunteers to help these kids is doing them a huge service. Funny, most of those parents would not volunteer to help any of these children.

A friend of mine posted an article on facebook about the fact that 25% of kids do not graduate from high school in the US. My friend was like "how can this be?" and very aghast that parents would let this happen. In trying to discuss it, I became very frustrated because I realized how few people really understand the difficult situations others can grow up in, and how they do not have the advantages that we all have. If just a few of those parents who got so up-in-arms over Sasha Grey volunteered to help children learn to read (or help children in any other way), there would be some children are much better off in this world.

Thanks for getting up on your soapbox and sharing this with all of us.