Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coming and going

Well the 6th grader is running amok....

I had done some work during the day, and was getting kind of burnt out and tired by 8:30pm so I asked hubby if he was up for getting the hell out of the house.
He was and so our adventure to find food in town began.
Turns out, that unless you want to eat at a bar everything in town pretty much closes by 9ish. 
We finally decided on a greasy diner where we quickly ordered up,
 ready for this one.....
Onion rings
Coffee shake 
strawberry shortcake
Yep, that was dinner last night! 
I think I use to live off of the few microns of nutrition french fries provides all thru high school...
Somehow this dinner choice made sense, at least that is what we had convinced ourselves.
While driving home and wondering out loud where we left the digestive enzymes,
we saw a sign for a soon to arrive restaurant down the said "coming soon"
that lead to us creating a menu for the
"Coming Soon Cafe"
all dishes are served in a cream sauce
then there are the side dishes
creamed corn
creamed spinach
cream of wheat
you can have
Beef Stroganoff

Everyone leaves with a smile on their face

Now I think, it has enlisted the 6th grader in my hubby just to show off how crass they can be

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