Friday, June 24, 2011

6th grader

"Lemon make you happy~ nipple twister" cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for a friend that I know is a "boob-man"
I couldn't resist for some reason.
It just was soooo obvious to me to make these.

I can feel the shift, the "let me, be me" shift.
I am finding myself starting to walk further away from the heartbreak of being childless.
I know I can dive into that pool at any time, trip more likely
and mind you, the walk is a slow one, but I feel like I have started to walk.
That is something.

Now I am faced with this inner 6th grader, the one that wants to wear make-up and dress up in strange outfits, listen to music loud and stay up way way way too late (at least for the outer person to work well or drive safely). I don't really care what my neighbor mommies are doing, in fact I find myself prancing around the house thinking, hahaha I don't have kids I am trying to get to sleep while the sun is still out at 8:30pm.
I think I am in the middle of another growth spurt or something?!


Stinky said...

(I'm gonna say ICLW as I'm shamefully behind on these comments)

Those cakes look fab! did you see the vagina cupcakes on flickr or somewhere? Well cute

Sounds like you're in a great place!

Illanare said...

I love this post!