Saturday, December 04, 2010

Last Night

Last nights dream was filled with symbols it was like a crazy decorated room:

I was wandering around in a room when my cat came racing in with something in it's mouth...I stopped it and found that he was carrying a kitten, a newly born kitten. I took it from his mouth and handed it to my husband and said "hold this I am going to see where he got it from". Then said that maybe this is why our cat has been so freaked out lately.
On turning around to see where he had run from I saw a pocket in the carpet that had a mama cat and a pool of kittens. She had crazy eyes and pulled the carpet back over herself while asking me to bring back her kitten. I wandered into the next room, that was filled with bathroom stalls, and the largest had the door swing open, and inside was another mama cat with a pool of kittens; as well there was a woman I know (I have just reconnected with) that was in a 50's style dressing gown (sheer puffy sleeved top that separates in front for breast feeding, something I have seen mothers wear in 50's movies while sitting in a hospital bed after having a baby) anyways, this woman was pacing and rubbing her hands, clearing concerned. I asked what was wrong and she described how she had been measuring her belly button so it was big enough for an amnio,something with the number 9 and started to cry. She had had her baby (this woman in awakened life tried IVF several times and never conceived) I hugged her and she whispered to me that she would have to give him up for adoption.
I remember rubbing her back and then leaving her and heading out a door, only to walk over more kittens.
I started to run....up a steep hill and then the hill turned into a series of staircases....and I started running up the stairs and running I said to myself, "I have run a marathon before I can do this"
and then was trying to remember when I had run this marathon....
at this I awoke.

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La Belette Rouge said...

Sweet friend, I know you know that I know how hard it is to endure baby dreams. I am sending love, hugs, and an offer to talk about this dream if you want to.
The line that REALLY stands out for me is "I have run a marathon before I can do this". I am so curious about your associations. I wouldn't dare to share mine. This is your dream and I respect it and tenderly hold it in my heart, as I would a newly born kitten.
Take care of your sweet self.