Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have an ultrasound at 7:45am tomorrow.
It is a follow-up to one done in July, where a complex cyst was found. The NP seemed concerned and wanted to get me in ASAP, but after she saw the date realized that we needed to wait 4 months before doing the next one.
Tomorrow is that next one. I go to a hospital, and check in to have it done, as it a tiny town and that is the way things are done. Plus the tech there was the first to be kind, compassionate and did not give me the "keep tryin" speech.

Tonight I am just working on not being nervous, I am also trying to drink more water so the AM chug of 40 ounces will not seem as extreme.
Every ultrasound has revealed a new finding, and I just hope this one reveals that the "questionable cyst" is gone or normal.
I have been experiencing new ligament discomfort, in fact most of last week was either the rocks in my bladder or the tight plucking sensation over my right ovary.

On another note, I have been off the pill for almost two years and in that time I have not had one ER visit.
One victory.

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La Belette Rouge said...

Oh, honey. I am so sorry. Please post about how things go. You will be much in my thoughts. Take good care of yourself.Big hugs.xo