Saturday, September 04, 2010


I am sitting here, trying to figure out details for my show...and trying to ignore the laughter and squeals from little people outside. Enjoying the last days of summer.
Alas, I could bare it no longer and had to see what was making them so so happy. Maybe in an attempt to feel that way too...
I saw a group of girls, all under 12 wearing bathing suits and taking turns running into a fountain of water that is spraying a slip and slide.
They are all so beautiful and unaware of their bodies, simply laughing and playing.

I stood there for a moment and tried to imagine that I was simply looking in on them, checking to make sure all were playing nicely. Sharing and taking turns...

After simply a moment, I felt the warm tears running down my face.
The idea was so so big, like when you realize how big the universe really is.
It was too much, all I could do was simply cry in awe of it.


La Belette Rouge said...

That tween time of liminal between summer and fall and tween childhood and teenhood is a poignant reminder of how long I have felt in the land of the inbetween, neither parent nor permanently childless. Sadly I have moved over to the fall of childlessness. Your piece brought me to tears, tears of recognition.

Stephanie said...

I have had moments very similar. I look at children and find my thoughts wandering off to how they must be envisioning their futures. Life is so uncertain. I came out of the "closet" too for the very same reason you are considering. In hopes other might know someone understands what it feels like to suffer from infertility.
Best wishes with your family and friends.
PS Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! When I figure out how to do that myself, I'll add you for sure!